These Handmade Solid Wood Benches are the perfect touch to any home.

The Hairpin legs are 1/2 thick steel, Jet black, Satin & Powder coated (a set of 4 legs can hold up to 1000 lbs per the manufacturer). These legs are 16" in height plus the 1 1/2" piece of wood, the entire bench stands at 17 7/8" - 18" tall. (Please inquire about other heights prior to purchase if this size will not work for you) 

The wood bench is solid pine wood (1 1/2" thick), sanded several times for a smooth finish, stained and clear coated (3x) with a satin clear coat. 

Prior to Purchase: 

1. Please view the stain color options to ensure you are choosing the one you would like.

2. Please note; I am NOT shipping these benches at this time. Local Pick up ONLY. 

3. Message me if a size or color ooption is not shown to make sure I am accomidate your request. 


Each and every wood bench in my shop is hand selected, cut, sanded and hand crafted by Dovetails&Sash. You will find each piece to have it's own imperfections such as knots, indentations, imperfections etc. therefore each bench is unique and different in its own way. Colors may differ due to lighting, screen resolutions and wood. Brush strokes may appear as the bench is hand crafted. Three coats of interior sealer is applied to the wood to help protect the bench therefore it is not recommended to use the bench for prolonged periods of time outdoors (unless you specifically request exterior clear coat).

Solid Wood Bench With Hairpin Legs