Book us for a birthday party, fundraiser, bachelorette party, bridal shower, baby shower, community event, team building, mom groups, church groups, girl scouts, holiday parties, corporate groups and so much more!

Reclaimed Home Decor

How to book your Party


  1. Browse through my shop here! Take note of what 3 stencils you would like to offer at your party. If you would like a custom sign(s) made, please contact me before booking a party.

  2. Choose a sign size(s) below and click "Book a Party".  

  3. A contact box will pop up so you can email me some dates and times that works for you. Please include; which 3 stencils you would like to provide to your guests, what project you would like to do and what size sign(s) you want to offer. Lastly, don't forget to leave any custom information needed for your particular project.

  4. After we set a date, I will create a custom listing for your party. This will allow you to send the link to your guests so they can register. The more the merrier! Please note- pre-registration is required for your guests to attend your party. 

Pricing Information

* $50 refundable deposit is due at the time of booking for the Hostess Only. Participants must pay in full to reserve their spot. 

Solid Piece of Wood

5.5" x 12" - $25 

9.5" x 12" - $36-37 

7.5" x 24 - $37 - $40 

11 1/4" x 24" - $45 

16" x 24" - $65 

20" x 24" - $69 

24" x 36" - $89

36" x 11 1/4" - $50

Several Pieces of Wood

14" x 24" - $60 

Round Signs / Serving Trays

15" D - $48 

18" D - $52

24" D - $59



*If you would like a custom size please contact me for a price quote

Travel Fee

I do charge $0.50 / mile and will only travel up to 30 miles from Concord, CA. 

Responsibilities of the Host / Hostess

  • Contact me to figure out what dates I have available. 

  • Pay your $50 deposit

  • Supply tables and chairs (1.5-2 feet of space per person)

  • Supply table covers/cloths to protect your tables if desired (recommended) 

  • Empty trash can or trash bag near the tables

  • I need a cleared area (approx 6x3) for a small table I bring for my party supplies (if you have a designated area you’d like me to utilize, please advise me ahead of time). 

  • Supply beverages and snacks for attendees (optional)

  • Invite friends via the link I will provide once details are squared away and the link is active. If you’re paying for your participants an invoice will be emailed to you via Quickbooks. Invoice must be paid in full 5 days in advance of your scheduled party. 

  • Remind everyone to register before the deadline - send messages or call. Let friends know that the event is for paid attendees only. Guests must register 5 days in advance or else a $10 late fee will be charged.

  • As the host / hostess you will also need to register yourself if you are making a sign

  • Provide an accessible sink for me to access and wash brushes during the party (this can NOT be a sink that has a sensor on it, I must be able to turn on and off the water as needed.)

  • Dovetails & Sash will be arriving 30-90 minutes early to set up (depending on location).

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