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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I finally broke down and decided to get out of my comfort zone and start writing. Here I will share my projects, favorite products, my go to work gear, and more. I have never been much of a writer, I wasn’t one of those people that well-crafted sentences just came too. I enjoyed being outdoors and creating things with my hands. Art is where I started and my visions continued to grow from there. Instead of creating well rounded paragraphs and thesis statements I went on to repurpose, reuse, recreate, and transform your everyday piece of wood into masterpieces.

On a weekly basis I get asked, "How did you learn to do all this?" My simple response is "The internet." Seriously! Growing up I stayed outside, with dial up Internet and never being a book worm, I wasn't driven to create these awesome wood working projects even though I was interested in how one would do so. With a simple YouTube video and a quick lesson on how to use a new tool from my husband, it is game on.

I am also regularly asked "What is your favorite..." or "What stain should I used on this..." Well, I'm here to share all my secrets with you! I've already done the research, tried tons of products and learned what doesn't work, what does, and those little in between secrets. So why not spare you the time? Time is money for me and I know time is scarce for many. If you are someone who is just starting out and feels frustrated because their project isn't working perfectly like that Pin on Pinterest said it would be....I am here to help and spare you the headache and time. So, thanks for joining me and stay tuned for and the juicy info!


Dovetails & Sash


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