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Shipping your Products from Home- No more drop offs!

Hey All!

I thought I'd share with you some of my shipping methods since we are all stuck at home and still need to ship stuff during this Shelter in Place (Covid19). Whether it may be your a Etsy Shop, shipping to a loved one, or fulfilling orders from your website etc, this might just save you a ton of trips to the postal store.

What I use to ship my products.

  1. USPS gives out Free Shipping Supplies!!! When I first started selling products online, I made them knowing they would fit into these free boxes and envelopes. Hence, I was limiting my products and customers (Scroll down to see how I tackled that problem).

  2. Bubble Wrap- The best part about this roll is you can leave them stuck together for wider packages (24") or rip the 2 rolls apart and use one roll for smaller 12" packages.

  3. Brown Shipping Paper - Lasts me over a year since these are for my oversized packages that don't fit into the USPS free shipping supplies.

  4. Shipping Tape- These are for the refills only. The actual Handle that holds the tape can be found here.

  5. "Fragile" Stickers- These where a big game changer for me. No more USPS Insurance claims on damaged packages.

  6. Corner Protectors- These saved my life! I was getting so many packages delivered with dented corners due to USPS employees not handling my packages with care. (Also why I bought the stickers).

  7. Shipping Labels- I used to cut all the labels by hand before and when you're shipping a ton of orders at once, this tacks on time for sure! Being able to rip the labels and stick them on the packages (for only .07/label) was so much more time efficient.

How I wrap my oversized Products

1. Use Adjustable Corner protectors. Find the right size on the protectors that fit your product nice and snug.

Shipping Adjustable Corner Protectors

2. Wrap your product a minimum of 3 times with bubble wrap. Then fold over the remaining wrap so it protects the front edges of the sign / product.

3. Now wrap your sign with the brown shipping paper. Make sure that each side has at least two layers of the brown shipping paper.

4. Then fold in the edges of each side and tape both corners then tape along the edge.

Repeat on the other side

5. Once all corners and exposed edges of the paper have tape on them. Flip over and add the label and fragile stickers! Note: I put the fragile stickers on BOTH sides of the sign, these are cheap so I tend to load up the package so people know to be careful with it.

How I schedule a pick up from USPS from my front Porch

  1. If you don't already have a USPS account you can make one here.

  2. Once your account is complete, at the top of the home page you will see "Mail & Ship" then scroll down to "Schedule a Pick Up"

3. If you completed your profile all the way then your information should already be inputed. Once you verify it is correct click "Check Availability" at the bottom.

4. Under Location of your Packages, select the area that best fits your house.

5. Make sure to check off "Pick up during regular mail delivery" because its FREE! Then choose the day it will be ready for pick up and scroll down.

6. Make sure to add the number of packages under the corresponding label on your package. The Weight doest matter so much as long as the package is under 70lbs, USPS can pick it up from your house. I just estimate it. Then check the box at the bottom (I have read, understand...) and click "Schedule a Pick up" Once you do this a few times you'll find it only takes less than a minute to schedule a pick up.

I hope this helps and makes your shipping process easier! USPS also has an easy label making process under "Mail & Ship" then "Click-n-Ship." If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Happy Shipping!


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