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Master Closet Update

Hey all! I found some mold in my closet and it lead to a quick refresh and man I'm glad I did it. I actually love it so much I don't think I want to put the doors back on. Hers how I did it and what I used.

Step 1: Treat the mold! I wanted to use something I already had at home and I heard great things about Vinegar so I filled a spray bottle, scrubbed it, let it dry then moved on the to next step.

Step 2: Prime all the areas that have mold with BIN primer. This primer seals in all the yucky stuff so nothing can bleed through your freshly painted closet later.

Step 3: Paint. I used Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee in Semi Gloss since I have a ton of it laying around. You can tell in the below picture how nice it looks with a brighter white instead of that old creamy color.

Step 4: Set up your closet organizer and put your clothes back. This organizer was a life savor...not to mention its adjustable and comes with 4 cloth cubbies.

Step 5: Install a rechargeable light (this light can be re-charged with a micro USB cable that it comes with and you can easily pull it off the magnetic mount and charge it then put it back) and WALA, you have a new closet!


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