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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Here are all my favorite go to apparel for working in the shop and the office!


NEW- Carhartt has leggings! Whaaaaattt. Im so excited I just purchased my first pair and I LOVE them. They tend to run big (I am usually a medium in pants and wear a small in these). So far, they are amazing and are a huge game changer for working women.

Carhartts is the way to go. If you're anything like me, then loosing your pencil and tape measure 600 million times a day can get frustrating. I love all the pockets and protection Carhartts give. The thick material protects me when wood splits in the middle of cutting it or getting a gnarly stain from being too aggressive on your dry brushing technique, wont matter. The Bibs are great for when your up and down a lot and don't want a waste line rubbing. I have a pair of both.


I've had a few pairs of steel toed boots (now referred to as "Safety Boots") which are awesome for wood working. You might think you don't need something that intense, but trust me, you do if you're going to be doing this on a regular basis. After stubbing my toe, dropping lumber, and loosing my footing on a oh so tiny piece of scrap wood on the was time to get a good quality pair of shoes. I have two different pairs, Timberland Anti-Fatigue boots for my daily use and Red Wing Boots for my more intense days (ankle support is key and these are waterproof).


Again, Carhartt is the way to go. I have several of the long sleeves for winter (yes I actually utilize the pocket, its not just for looks.


Don't work in a shop? No problem. For those of you who do small creative projects, I highly recommend an Atlas 46 apron. Its really thick, has tons of pocks and you can fold the bottom of the apron down for more coverage if your leaning over a table etc.


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