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DIY Patio Sectional


Ive been dying to share this project with you all!

At the end of last year we demo'd our entire back yard. Since then, I've been collecting ideas on how I wanted our backyard to look and feel. This is just a snippet of what I have planned.

I Initially was inspired years ago by one of Jolia's posts from Farm Fresh Homestead. She build a version of this sectional and tole me she was inspired by Ana's Whites plans. I held on to them and decided it was time to finally built this! I had to do some altering since Ana's Whites plans are separated (One Arm outdoor Sofa & Armless Outdoor Sofa) and I wanted a material list for both. I concluded I needed;

(5) 2x4x12

(4) 2x4x8

All which cost me less than $100!

I wanted the sectional to match the trunk I had redone and decided to go with Varathane- Special Walnut. I had the rest of the materials on hand so it was time to build!

I cut all the materials according to the plans

Instead of self tapping screws I decided to Krej Jig mostly everything, it's stronger this way. I used blue exterior Krej Jig Screws.

Then I sanded my life away haha.

I then laid out what I thought my legs should look like, then started to glue and screw. I made both sides at the same time to ensure they where equal and level to one another.

Here is what the arms should look like (front is the left, back is the right)

Next I laid out the middle section that connects the two arms and started to build that.

I then connected all 3 pieces and added the slats on the bottom for butt support and then the final piece, the back support.

Note: I forgot to film the first side of the sectional I did, so this is me building the other side of the sectional with only one arm.

And like that I have one side done!

I repeated this again for the other side then connected them both.

-Trunk- Inherited by a family member (completely redone by me)

-Lumber, Stain and clear coat- Home Depot

-Cushions- Amazon

-Throw Pillows- Marshalls

-Rug- Rus_usa

-House Paint- Shermin Williams

-Plans for Sectional- Ana White


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