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Updated: Jul 5, 2020



-Waverly Chalk Paint - I use these if I painting the background of the sign. The paint dries quickly and it's very easy to use. If you don't plane on using this for several projects, they provide a very convenient 2oz bottle. I however always buy the 16 oz in Black and White mostly since those are my go colors.

-Americana Acrylic Paint- I buy the white and black in the 8oz bottle since I use so much of it, and the rest of the colors in the 2oz bottles. There is also the sample set which is perfect if your just starting out or want some basics colors to have on hand.


-Behr- Home Depot carries Behr and depending on your project size, I can usually get away with just getting a sample of it for less than $5!


Varathane Stains and top Coats are my jam! They dry fairly quickly and most are waterbase. My favorite colors are:

Top Coats

Varathane - Matte is my favorite. Im not a huge fan on sheen, nor are my clients. They also make a spray can which I use to seal all my signs with.

Paint Brushes & Sponges

Dabber Brushes for Painting Signs with Stencils- I buy in bigger quantities for my parties & because I use them so often, they honestly come in handy for other projects too.

Brushes- For Painting Furniture, Interior / Exterior Painting, Clear Coats etc. (Seriously my favorite brush and I use it for everything!)

Office Supplies

Planner / Calendars- Im a picky person when it comes to my planner / calendar. These are the perfect amount of lines for the weeks and has a monthly view!

2019 - 2020


Chalk Paint Storage Containers- Life Savor and great for kids!

Paint Trays- Great for both Acrylic & Chalk Paint and easy to clean.

Jute Twine- I use this for all my signs, some local packaging and more. It comes in a pack of 2 for only $6.99.

Signs Supplies

Eye Hooks- These are great for when you want to use the wire hanging method vs D-Ring Hooks

D-Ring Hooks- I use these on 99% of my signs. All my signs come shipped ready to hang. I have been using these exact hooks from day 1!


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