How to book a Party at Hobby Lobby

After browsing through my shop here, take note of what 3 stencils you would like to offer at your party. Then choose a sign size(s) below and click "Book a Party".  A contact box will pop up so you can email me some dates and times that works for you along with a note with what 3 stencils you would like to provide to your guests, what project you would like to do and what size sign(s) you want to offer your guests. Please also make sure to leave any custom information needed for your particular project. Pre-registration is required for your guests to attend your party. After I create your custom party event, send your friends the link to register along with the party date and time you signed up for - the more the merrier! 

*If you would like a custom sign made, please contact me before booking a party

Other need to know information about this location

* Fun for many ages

* Party minimum is 6 - max is 25

* This is a public location therefore Hobby Lobby will be advertising this event for the general public to attend as well. 

* No show policies- please visit my Paint Party FAQ page. 

* Guests may arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to event start time, and must vacate the room no more than 30 minutes following event end time. 

Pricing Information


* Their is no deposit due for booking this location as the general public will be welcome as well. 

5.5" x 12" - $25 (solid piece of wood)

9.5" x 12" - $35-37 (solid piece of wood)

7.5" x 24 - $36 - $40 (solid piece of wood)

11 1/4" x 24" - $45 (solid piece of wood)

14" x 24" - $50 (several smaller pieced of wood)

16" x 24" - $50 (solid piece of wood)

20" x 24" - $60 (solid piece of wood)

17" D Round Sign / Serving Tray- $48 (solid piece of wood)

24" x 36" - $80 (solid piece of wood)

36" x 11 1/4" - $50 (solid piece of wood)

*If you would like a custom size please contact me for a price quote